The results are in, and the Republicans have won control of both Houses. Looks like two more years in Oz for me!


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  1. I believe a lot of people just wanted a change, you know? At least, that’s how it seems here in Maryland, where we voted in the first Republican governor since 1966. Townsend had eight years under Glendening to make a difference in this state, and I think folks didn’t have confidence enough in her to believe that she would execute her duties any differently from this last administration. Our state is broke, our kids’ education is in ruins, the crime rate is out of control, and our taxes are sky high. Maybe the new admin will make some sort of difference…?

    This article makes the Republican victory in both Houses seem more insidious, however. I do hope things don’t take a turn for the worse. If it’s any consolation, if the Democrats don’t put Clinton or Gore out there as candidates for the next presidential election in two years, there’s a good chance that Bush is on his way out.

  2. Grrrr…

    How do you feel about a 2 year houseguest, Kris?

  3. maybe i should just quit my job and be on permanent Political Demonstration Alert so i can be ready to jet up to a protest in Our Nation’s Capital at a moment’s notice. i’m sure that would go over great with the other Navy wives. 😉

  4. The Democrats really blew this election. I think it’s because they went soft on Bush rather then taking him on. They provided no alternative to get people fired up and out to the polls, and they had no unifying vision. That goes for in general and for our Kennedy here in MD. That being said, with good leadership, I think Democrats can turn it around in ’04. The question is, how much damage can be done in two years?

  5. Jesus. You guys make is sound as if Republicans are the root of all that’s evil. I don’t believe this is the end of the world, nor is it the beginning of some huge Republican-driven nationwide catastrophe. Despite all the left’s lamentations, this government hasn’t suddenly transformed into a fundamentalist Christian’s wet dream; the majority held is a very VERY small one. Some folks seem to have some very fuzzy ideas on how the legislature works, I tell ya.

    The problem with this current two-party system is that everything has to be either extreme left, or extreme right, with no gray area. You can’t be a Democrat and EVER vote conservative, and you can’t be a Republican and ever vote liberal. It’s maddeningly stupid and senseless. I am a prime example of how it’s possible to be fiscally conservative, yet still hold very liberal social views, and I believe there are lots of folks out there like myself; I work with some of them, actually. I refuse to sit back quietly and allow any one group to demonize a whole other group.

    As far as Maryland’s gubernatorial election was concerned, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend alienated a lot of her voters, on top of a very poorly run campaign. The Washington Post had a nice article about Townsend’s campaign woes on Wednesday morning, after the election. She failed to endear me to her cause, especially after the slew of smear campaign advertisements she unleashed on the public later in October. She, like many other politicians before her, used the people’s general ignorance on how the state and Federal gov’t legislature works to her advantage. “Bob Ehrlich voted NO to this, Bob Ehrlich voted NO to that.” Well, does Townsend bother asking why? Does she mention all the pork that was probably tacked on to the end of whichever bill Ehrlich voted NOT to pass? No, of course she doesn’t.

    Anyway. Relax. The entire country’s voting populace didn’t up and lose their minds. Perhaps there are some really good folks voted into House and Senate, and maybe some of them will even ignore partisan bullying. I hope so. I have faith in our gov’t, despite its numerous failings, and hope someday it doesn’t always have to be US against THEM when it comes to elections.

  6. Well said–this is the reason I’m not officially registered with either party, although I generally vote democratic. I could see backing someone like Colin Powell for president–he seems to have more sense than most of the current administration. The new house/senate balance isn’t the end of the world; hopefully Bush won’t be able to blindy railroad pet policies (domestic oil drilling, etc.) through congress.

  7. I don’t think Republicans are the root of all evil or that voters lost their minds. I’m pleased, for example, that Elizabeth Dole was elected in NC. In aggregate, however, having a Republican House, Senate, and President is extremely significant.

    As all committee chairs change over, Congress’ agenda will change to reflect that. Add that to the chance of a new appointment to the Supreme Court in 2003, it’s going to be a big, scary year. Hopefully too much of Bushs’ agenda of tax cuts, war, and legal pillaging of the environment won’t occur (which is what I fear).

  8. Moire, if it’s negative campaigning that bothers you, there’s plenty of blame to go around. Don’t tell me you didn’t think Ehrlich’s campaign commercials were equally if not more negative and vague then Townsend’s. Like, the 1.7 billion dollar deficit he harped on all the time–did you know that’s not even a real deficit? It is a *projected* *2-year* deficit. Projected! The real deficit this year was more like $400M, and was the direct result of shortfall in tax receipts due to a tanking national economy completely beyond the control of a Lieutenant Governor. Then there were his assertions that Maryland is “3rd in crime.” Based on what? According to whom? Compared to whom? That sure came as a surprise to me; I feel pretty safe living in MD, excepting statistically irrelevant sniper outbreaks. The coup de grace was the commercial about the supposed “culture of corruption” in Annapolis. I loved that one. I’m still waiting to hear what exactly constitutes said “culture”, and how it relates to the Lieutenant Governor.

    Sorry I had to get all political for a second there. I just think both sides need to accept responsibility for the way campaigns are run. It seems trivial to point fingers one way or the other. Personally, I hate the whole idea of campaign advertising. I think it’s completely trivial and misleading and manipulative. And undemocratic. And just a bit evil.

  9. I wish I could contribute, like, anything to this discussion, but seeing as how I haven’t seen an American campaign ad in four years, it’s difficult. I don’t have anything personally against Republicans, Moire. In fact, some of my more conservative friends had me really persuaded about McCain a few years back. Unfortunately it just seems like the ones that come to power have an agenda that is completely counter to my principles. (You should’ve heard me rant back in Newt’s “Contract with America” days.) So what I object to is not that the country elected so many Republicans; it’s that everyone is interpreting this as carte blanche for Bush to do whatever the hell he wants. And I think that’s a dangerous situation. I hope that all the newly elected representatives consider each vote in terms of their own conscience and not just blindly toe the party line, but how realistic is that? I’d like to move back to America someday, but not if we continue on the way we are now (crappy schools, no public health care, increasingly limited reproductive rights, alienating and making war on the rest of the world, etc.).

  10. Dan: I agree totally about the campaign advertising. 99.9% of what’s said in those ads is crap, not to mention annoying as hell. I didn’t mean to imply that Ehrlich’s ads were sweetness and light… And I don’t really get the whole thing about Annapolis’ “Culture of Corruption.” Perhaps it would’ve been better worded as “Culture of Complacency.” The Democrats seemed to take for granted their cushy little seats in Anne Arundel County.

    I, too, feel relatively safe in my little corner of Charles County, but there are many areas I visit that cause me to fear for my safety — even Waldorf. I can’t tell you how many shootings and stabbings have taken place at the Town Center Mall this year. A few years back, I lived in Columbia, and that was a nightmare. My next door neighbor sold drugs from his basement, and more than once beat his mother senseless until the police were called. Women out for jogs were raped on the paths behind of my housing edition. The Exxon I frequented was held up twice in a six month period. And this was a “nice” part of Howard, one of the wealthiest counties in the state.

    Kris: I’m hoping the same. Like I said, I have to have faith in the system. Sigh.

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