Again, I’m going to skip the Friday Five this week. It’s all about the recent U.S. election, which means I have jack squat to say about it. No, I didn’t vote. I didn’t even remember to renew my driver’s license the last time I was home, much less register and request an absentee ballot. I am a crappy citizen. (Of course, I don’t live there anymore either. Is that any excuse? Probably not.)


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  1. My immediate reaction to this week’s Friday Five was that it was incredibly US-centric, but I revised my opinion slightly when I saw that the questions were created by Gert ( She’s British, and works in politics. I think there probably are a bunch of people out there who are really into politics (um, I’m not one of them). I know the questions struck a chord with several Singaporean bloggers, because a lot of the questions touched on sore points.

  2. I don’t think it was TOO U.S. election-centric, though. Heck, I was tempted to answer based only on our recent election for homecoming queen (I was in charge of counting the votes). 🙂

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