I am so embarrassingly out of the loop. I just finally heard this Avril Lavigne chick and I am now obsessed with this “Sk8er Boi” song. (I cringe just to type that title.) Who the hell is she? Is she just a “punkier” Britney? Do you think less of me for listening to this stupid song ten times in a row? I’ll get over it, I promise.


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  1. Well, you’re REALLY out of the loop if “Sk8er Boi” is your first taste of her. They’ve been playing “Complicated” on rotation about every 15 minutes on every station in America for about 6 months now. Download THAT one if you want to get hooked fo’ real. Her new one “I’m With You” is starting to get a lot of airplay here, too, but it’s not as good. Also, she’s a punk ass.

  2. Whoops, I meant “punk ass beeeeeeatch,” sorry…

  3. I pretty much downloaded the whole album today. I like both those other songs you mentioned too. I don’t listen to a lot of radio here (we just bought our first stereo last weekend) but I’m pretty sure she’s relatively new here, seeing as how “Sk8er Boi” is just now entering the charts. So yeah, the whole damn country is out of the loop. 🙂

    But I’ve been discovering some cool Australian stuff too. I keep meaning to send you a mix CD soon. After Thanksgiving, I promise…

  4. Complicated’s been doing the rounds in the UK for a while too.

    Catchy little toe-tapper, eh?

    How’s Kris?

  5. Kris is good! How the hell have you been? Where do you live? I’m out of the Jann loop!

  6. My boyfriend wants to bang Avril Lavigne. He avidly watches her videos when they come on MTV. Her “Complicated” is so catchy that I sometimes hear him singing it when he’s not paying attention. It’s insane.

    I sorta liked “Complicated,” myself, but I’ve heard it entirely too many times. It’s getting way old.

  7. Yeah, make me a mix. And I’ll make you one, too. It will be what I like to call a “trade.” Mine will be super cool, as I am the mix master. Wait, but I would be torn between making you an American Top 40ish one and a normal mix. Hmmmm… I guess I’d go with normal since I can’t stand much of that crap they play on the radio. Anyhoo, let me know…

  8. sis, admit it…you’re such a pop music slut!

  9. Guilty as charged.

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