Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve had this old episode of The Brady Bunch going through my head all day, where the family dress up as Pilgrims and stuff and act out the first Thanksgiving. Am I insane here? Somebody back me up, please.

You know my favorite part of Thanksgiving? The day afterwards. It was a yearly tradition that my sister and I would go out shopping that morning and battle the crowds with my Mom. We’d always stop at Michael’s Craft Store and pick up some of their plaster Christmas tree ornaments. Then it was back home to paint them. I always tried to do mine perfectly, while my sister (who was the better artist) would always get a little too creative and start painting tributes to our dead dog. (I’m totally serious.) My brother, bless his heart, tried really hard, but he just didn’t have the patience. Eventually we’d get tired and start begging for the Christmas tree. That’s right; we’d put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. It was a fake tree, but a really nice one. (Nowadays I don’t like real trees so much. They’re always too prickly and sappy and needles get everywhere.) So we’d put it together and then start hanging all the old ornaments, moldy construction paper Santa Clauses from scout meetings and beaded Christmas wreaths. Finally it would be done, and if there was any snow we’d don Dad’s coveralls and haul our sleds up the hill in the backyard. Once we were sufficiently cold and wet, we’d come back inside for leftovers. I can picture it right now. I’m not sure if there ever was one day that we did all those things, but in my mind they all run together anyway. Too bad it takes being really far away to make your appreciate your family, huh?

Big hugs to everybody…


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  1. Happy Turkey Day to you, too! Question: What did you mean when you said Amy would paint “tributes to our dead dog?” I’m trying to think about what that might entail, and well, some of the mental pictures I’m getting here are not “healthy.” Anyway, let me know… Also, remember where you were last year when you painted the little white ceramic ditties? Yep, my house, LA. FUN!

  2. Episode 29, The Un-Underground Movie: “Greg’s history project is a home movie about the pilgrims with the rest of the Bradys clan as the cast. However, soon the other Bradys take over and pretty soon Greg loses control of his project.” How thankful amI for the Internet, eh? And all the nice people like you who let me read about their lives. 🙂

  3. Well, a lot of ornaments feature animals and dogs, you know? So Amy would inevitably get all maudlin and start painting them black and writing “DALE” underneath in glittery letters. They’re kinda scary.

    Thanks, Casey! I knew there was some movie aspect to it, because I could picture them all moving at weird speeds and pantomiming. You’ve freed me from my mental torment. 🙂

  4. kris, I ‘ve seen that episode of the brady Bunch. Hahaha

  5. Hi Megan! That’s a good one, isn’t it? Have a good dinner!

  6. Kris, it’s ok. I just left my mother’s. *sigh* We put the tree up after Turkey. That’s just our thing. We always put the tree up after we eat. My friend, erin, puts hers up the week OF christmas, usually, the day before. I don’t see the point in that.

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