Gryffindor Scarf

Me modeling the Gryffindor scarfSpeaking of knitting… It’s done! Yes, that’s me modeling my very first Harry Potter house scarf. (Don’t worry, Sis; it’ll be winging its way to you shortly.) It took me about two weeks to finish. It was knitted double-wide and then folded over and sewn (to avoid having a “wrong” side). That means it’s double-thick and warm as hell. It also ended up a little bit longer than I intentioned… It’s over six feet. (Though the ones in the film are clearly pretty long too.) Here I’m wearing it doubled over and tucked through the loop. Click here to see a larger version and another of me with it just tied.

Avid fans of CouchCam might have noticed that I recently started a second scarf. Here’s the surprise: It’s not intended for anyone yet! In other words, if you want one, I’ll make you one. You’ll have to cough up a little bit of cash though, and I can’t guarantee I’ll have it ready by Chrismtas (in fact, I definitely won’t), but if you want it, just drop me a line. I may even do more than one if there’s interest. (I can, of course, do colors for the other Hogwarts houses too.)

Doubled up   Tied

(The second one is darker because I had to stand farther away from the camera to get the whole length in.)


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  1. I just realized that first picture makes me look like I have no arms.

  2. WOW!!! Is it rude if I say you’re a looker? you look different… what in GOD’S name did you do and how can I get my hands on some of it?

  3. i was wondering where your arms had gone!! the scarf looks great, and so do you!

  4. yeah, hey kris, p.s. (and i was gonna email this, but might as well say it publicly) – whatever funk you’re going through right now re: your fitness goals and all that – well, get out of it now, damn it…because YOU LOOK GREAT!

    oh, and oh…mygod. i LOVE that scarf. i also hate it, because it makes me want to stay in cold places so i can wear it all the time. but i love it more. i already can’t wait to sit and watch the movie while wearing it. hell, if it gets here in time, i may even trek to the theatre and see 2 again so i can flaunt your handywork. hell yeah. thankyou thankyou thankyou! 🙂

  5. Damn, thanks so much you guys! See, I keep telling the Snook that the scales make me depressed. My weight hasn’t budged much lately and I keep seeing these weight loss commercials with chicks whose “before” weight equals mine. But I’m starting to realize that they’re all, like, five feet tall. I’m tall enough that I don’t think I look like I weigh as much as I do. I’m still getting healthier, and my clothes are getting looser. So I shouldn’t stress so much, right? Right.

    I should point out that my new peasant blouse hides a lot of flaws though. 🙂

  6. crazy psychic sisters. you posted like, 13 seconds after me.

  7. crazy psychic sisters. you posted like, 13 seconds after me.

  8. Yeh sissy! You look great! I’m so proud of you…..

  9. Who am I?
    I like setting up puppets in strange positions…
    I enjoy making americans crazy…
    And I miss Mr Snook & Mrs Howard…
    Have a try and good luck !

  10. I want that scarf!!! And, I must say, you look smashing, Kris! 🙂

  11. Kris, You really do look good. Congratulations on completing the scarf and meeting some of those fitness goals!

  12. This is getting redundant, but the scarf and you look terrific! I’m inspired to eat less carbs and take a knitting class!

  13. Ooh! Pretty! That’s a lot of scarf — very cool.

  14. Thanks everyone! (Moire – you really want it?)

  15. Yes yes yes!!! I definitely want it! It would go perfect with my new grey wool coat! 😉

  16. Hey, it’s yours then. I think I’ve actually got enough yarn to make one more as well. (This one, then another one.) I was thinking of selling them for less than this lady, but with the international shipping I think it would work out about the same. The yarn I’m using is an acrylic blend, which means you can machine wash it. (It’s still nice and soft though, without being scratchy. I hate scratchy scarves.) She’s got $40 listed for that, including shipping. Is that okay? Or does that sound like too much? I’m negotiable. Heck, I’ll be happy just to break even on the things. 🙂

  17. $40 sounds like a great deal to me! Let me know how much the shipping & handling will be. If you set up a PayPal account for yourself, I can directly deposit both costs into your checking/savings account. That way we don’t have to worry about the wonky currency exchange.

    PayPal is wonderful, yo. I’m a Verified Member! 🙂

    If you decide you’re up for making scarves for any of the other Houses, let me know; I’d love to have a Slytherin scarf, too!

  18. I’m a PayPal girl! I’m “[email protected]”. I can do Slytherin, if you want. Dark green and silver grey, right? I won’t start it til I finish the Gryffindor one, but I’ll keep my eyes open for yarn. You want regular old acrylic, or you wanna go whole hog for wool?

  19. Hmm… Man, whole hog sounds mighty tempting! Okay, then! I’ll take the Slytherin in wool! And yes, their house colors are dark green and silver. Choose whichever wool colors you think’ll look the best.

    Yay! I can’t wait! Thanks, man! 🙂

  20. Cool. Next time I’m in the yarn store I’ll see what they’ve got and let you know what the price difference is. Hopefully won’t be too much…

  21. Cool. I’m not concerned about the cost, though. Just let me know! 🙂

  22. Hey girl! I myself can knit too, but my scarf does not look as good as yours!!! GREAT job! i have a question, what color should i make my rawenclaw scarf?? In the movie, it looks like its white and blue, but in the book it says blue and bronze. What is a bronze color? Im asking you for advise because you seem like the perfect person to ask. what color are you making yours?

  23. that is, if you are making a rawenclaw one. lol

  24. Hmm, I haven’t actually made a Ravenclaw one yet as no one’s requested one. I’ve seen on other HP knitting sites where they acknowledge the difference between the book and movie versions and basically just say it’s up to your own interpretation. I think I’d go with a nice blue and silvery grey, myself…

  25. Could you please knitt me one??

  26. Send me an e-mail Micaela and we’ll discuss it…

  27. Hullo it’s me again! I need advice, and since you seem to be the only person who knows what she’s doing, I am going to ask you:
    Do you know the exact recipe for the house scarf? Like how many stripes there are, how long, how wide, things like that.
    Thank you!

  28. A couple people have attempted to make an “official” type pattern based on the scarves in the movies. I think this one is the best, but I have seen others with different numbers of stripes, etc. Basically, just pick one you like. 🙂

  29. hey! i just wanted to tell you that i think your harry potter scarf looks great. i came accross your page whilst looking for a site to start my own. i saw the one that you suggested and it looks perfect. congrats on the scaarf!

    luv carleen

  30. hey awesome scarf dude, randomly found this site, but eh not every day you see a wicked scarf! go harry rocking my sox off!
    ciao luv sarah

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