I braved the hordes at the post office today to send off the last of my Christmas cards and packages. There I discovered that a new law went into effect today: anyone sending packages over a certain size must provide ID and have it recorded. I’m all for preventing terrorism and stuff, but why introduce this ten days before Christmas? All it did was double the waiting time and hassle everybody from the customers to the clerks.

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  1. oh my goodness! i had the EXACT same problems today. i have about 10 packages to send to my friends in the US, so my 20 minute trip to the post office had to be put on hold and my lovely father stood in line for 2 hours for me instead! it’s crazy!! (and i still have more packages to go :/ dang lines and extra forms).. but a good cause i guess

  2. The lady in Newtown also told me that they’ll be coming out with new Customs forms soon (instead of the old green ones, which I’ve got a million of and will therefore have to be thrown away). Craziness.

    Oh! I meant to tell you that I found some more marbles for marble magnets. The “Newtown Variety” store (on the corner of King St. and Erskineville Rd.) have the very same “Decor Nuggets” that I bought at Kmart, for about half the price. Just in case you get the urge to make some more… 🙂

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