I’ve had an e-mail enquiry about when we’re going to begin the next book discussion. We’re supposed to be reading Paul Auster’s Moon Palace. It’s a short book, but I figured people would probably take a long time because of the holidays. So what’s the status? Could all you Book Clubbers (and aspiring Book Clubbers) take a second to comment and say if A) you’ve read it and you’re ready to discuss, B) you haven’t read it but you want to so could we please postpone just a little bit longer?, or C) you’re going to take a pass on this one. (I really do recommend the book though. It’s one of my favorites.)


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  1. I haven’t really had the time to read anything this month. I have the book at home, but I it’s still sitting on my pile of mail on the buffet, in its Borders bag. ;P

    I plan on reading the book, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it until well into January. I’ll have to pass on the disussion this time.

  2. Courtney Baskette

    January 1, 2003 — 9:09 am

    Hi. I am new to this “online book discussion” thing but I just read The Lovely Bones and I enjoyed reading your commnets. What did you decide about the Moon Palace discussion?

  3. Hi Courtney! It seems interest has kinda petered out during the holidays. I’m just planning to hold off til the New Year. We also need some new books for the list, so if anybody has any to suggest, e-mail me or post it in the forums.

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