Modern men prefer skinny women. Oh, WHAT. EVER. If that’s the case, you all suck. I’m just glad I found one of the few men who evidently still likes his woman womanly.


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  1. Take heart, Kris! I think there’s a big difference between the kind of chicks men like to gawk at in magazines, and the kind they like to date in real life. Even my man admits he loves to perve on the typical Hollywood bimbos, but prefers a ‘real’ woman when it comes to his partner. There is no substitute for a curvy ass and a nice full bosom! 🙂

  2. next month’s headline: “Smart Modern Women Prefer to Date Men Who Don’t Read Playboy.”

    just because centerfolds have shrunk over the years doesn’t mean that men’s preferences in women have changed, it’s what Hugh & Co. think that they should prefer.

  3. i’m not sure how that headline was chosen, but it certainly doesn’t sum up the article or the findings it contains – just because some nasty scientists catalogued one goddamn magazine, it’s enough to state that ALL modern men EVERYWHERE now prefer this different female body type? i don’t think so. maybe a good way to warrant that headline would have been to actually ASK a bunch of “modern men.” besides, i don’t think body type even matters to dudes who “read” playboy – they’re just looking at naked girls. i’m not even sure many are refined enough to register differences between breast size, waists or hips…i think their little brains are simply repeating, “tits…ass…tits…”

  4. My boyfriend is a good example of a guy who loves to oogle girls in the magazines, watches porn, and drools over Milla Jovavich (or whatever her name is), yet still prefers his woman with meat on her bones. My ass is far, FAR from perfect, but he’s completely enamored of it. I have teeny tiny tits, yet he’s always grabbing at those, too. It’s great! 🙂

    I don’t understand how, all of the sudden, everyone is expected to be perfect. My man is a fine male specimen, but he’s not perfect, either, and I don’t expect him to be. When you love someone, you don’t focus on the physical flaws; you lose yourself in the whole package. At least, that’s how I am.

    I’ve dated tall guys, short guys, skinny guys, and fat guys. And hey, I slept with the fat guy several times, and believe me, it wasn’t a mercy fuck — I was crazy about him. And then there’s my Dad, who likes his women short and pleasantly plump. So, you know. It’s all relative. There’s more to life than silicone and toned abs, and I believe that most men out there would agree.

  5. oh, and for the record, i’m not down on porn, the wo/men who read/watch it, or the people who love them, i just get a little [more] crazy when society and its people—”scientists,” no less!—continue to comfortably reduce women to inches and pounds.

    the funny thing about fantasies is, while they’re exciting and diverting, most of them are better left unrealized. if i had a nickle for every menage à trois that ended in disappointment and frustration… 😉

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