My sister sent me an e-mail to say thanks for the Gryffindor scarf. It’s the funniest thing ever. An excerpt:

I F***ING LOVE THE SCARF! It is the gorgeous fruit of your labors. It is the manifestation of all that is good about crafts. It is a work of art. I can’t even tell you how much I just KNOW others covet it. They must. I wore it shopping all day yesterday at the mall, and though it was hot as hell and I got all sweaty, I caught smiling glances of recognition from many a potter-loving geek, mom and child. (Jim here at work thought it was a USC scarf! I set his ass straight.) I now feel I must strive to
live up to Gryffindor standards when I wear TS. I must be honorable and true – and brave and loyal. I am a Gryffindor. I rock.

How great is that? I hope the others I’m making are so appreciated!

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  1. Of course it’s appreciated!!! I cannot wait for my friggin’ scarf! You have NO idea. I just spied you on the Couch Cam a moment ago, working on my scarf, and I got all giddy with excitement.

    Wheeee! Everyone will be so jealous of me! Everyone will covet my scarf! Everyone will look at me and ask me where I got it, and I’ll reply, “It was made especially for me, by my friend in Sydney, Australia.”

    Hee! I’m gonna be a Gryffindor, too, AND a Slytherin!! 🙂

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