Ooh, I didn’t realize the Indiana quarters had been released! What a crappy design. A friggin’ race car? That’s our one symbol of state pride? I would’ve at least put some corn or Amish people on it.


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  1. Yeeeeeahh, I know I’m awfully proud of it. I heard the alternative possibility was (drumroll)…a basketball. That’s right 🙂 I may be partial, (php.indiana.edu/~meglaser/jenny.html)but I would have loved for the back to just be like a basketball w/ the lines and the bumps!

    It doesn’t take much to make me happy

  2. LOL! What about Garfield? Putting him on there would’ve been, well, different. Maryland’s quarter is even lamer than Indiana’s, though. We have the spire of the Annapolis capital building, with the words “Old Line State” running along the top. When I saw it, I was like: “Huh?? Where’s the crab? Where’s the oriole? Where’s the cool Maryland flag? What the heck is this boring building all about??”

  3. Garfield? Is Garfield an Indiana invention? I had no idea. I do like the basketball idea though, but I wouldn’t have wanted it to *just* be a ball. Maybe with a deer or something too.

  4. Yep…Jim Davis is a hoosier and Garfield is within a couple of days of being the exact same age as me (I just forget which way). I’m going to drive home now in the most snow on Christmas day Indy has ever had. Have a good Christmas!!

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