How much time have you wasted? As web-goddess is coming up on her second birthday, I thought it might be fun to look back and recognize all the folks that contribute here at the site. With a little database help from the Snook, I’ve managed to put together a table of everyone that’s made over ten comments for the two years the site’s been running. I bet you’re wondering who the most prolific commenter was, right? It was me, of course! (But then, as a hostess I’m expected to participate in all the discussions.) In the #2 spot was Brigita, who had nearly double that of Moire. (Although, in fairness, Brigita has pretty much been here since the beginning, while I’ve only known Moire for the last year or so. It might be fun to compare their posting frequency, but that’s too complicated even for me.)

Want to see where you fall on the list? Read on!Okay, so this is totally unscientific and relied on your using the same name every time you posted. If you used different names but I knew it was you – like “anon” and “Nicci” – I added those together. But if you’ve got a common name, somebody else with that name might have posted, thus inflating your total. So don’t take these as 100% accurate. (I hyperlinked names when I had the person’s URL handy. If I’ve missed yours – or messed yours up – let me know.)

Name Comments
Me 1657
Brigita 658
Moire 375
Tara D 215
Tricia 188
Kristen 164
Martin 156
Max 149
Nicci 138
Jann 134
Amy (my sister) 127
John 112
Ferret 98
Claire 96
Jenny 89
Bill 75
RDH (my Dad) 73
Mia 58
Dan 55
Kel 53
Psorr 49
Matt 35
Stefanie 24
Orangecat 22
Khay 22
Enki 20
Little Julie 19
Ron 17
TheOtherKris 15
Jeremy 14
Nora 13
Tracey 11
Sal 11
Kingsley 11
Yasmin 10


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  1. when exactly is wg’s 2nd birthday? cause i need to know if i have a few more days to break in to the top 10…watch out, JANN! 🙂

  2. i really mean it.

  3. What a cool idea, Kris–and as a top 10 finisher (nyah!), let me say that I have never thought of comments here as “wasted time.” You always have some of the best discussions/threads going on in the web-goddess hiz-ouse. Merry Xmas and happy blogiversary!

  4. i don’t know whether to be proud or embarassed! 😉

  5. 58 – WOOOOOOOOOOOO! I SO ROCK! My number one new year’s resolution is to surpass even you, kris, and get in the pole position. And then, I shall truly rule! Yesssssss, YESSSSSS, that shall be the plan *rubbing hands together* MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. Somehow I knew this would end up being a competition. 🙂

    My blog birthday, Aim, is January 4th. (You can see it by looking back in my archives.)

    Be embarrassed, Brigita. I actually figured out how to calculate the “comments per day” ratio for you top tenners. (Going by your total number of posts and the days since your first comment.) You’re sitting at almost 1 cpd. 🙂 Here’s the rest of the rundown:

    Brigita – .98
    Moire – .88
    Tricia – .59
    TD – .45
    Kristen – .37
    Martin – .32
    Nicci – .26
    Jann – .22
    Max – .22
    Amy – .21

  7. Man, top 5 in both counts… how could I not comment on this post?

    Just don’t tell my boss how much time I spend here. It’s certainly not wasted time, however.

    Happy blogaversery!

  8. oy. too damn funny and yet i’m so not surprised. merry merry and i’m sending good, sunny thoughts your way! 🙂

  9. Ha! We’re all such geeks. I shall surpass Brigita this year in posting frequency! ;P

  10. Too funny. What a cool thing to do! I’m falling behind in my posting rate recently, since I’m not spending much time online. Will be in Sydney soon, so will be in touch to sort out a meeting.
    Happy Holidays to you and Rodd!

  11. As I was well short of a Top 10 slot – heck, I probably only made it to 12th because I’ve got such a common name that I picked up a few posts from my namesakes – there’s not much point in my trying to make up places with a late spurt of commenting. 🙁

    I would like to point out that whatever else it may be, posting comments to w-g is most definitely *not* a waste of my time. 🙂

  12. Yes, what John said.

  13. I beat Jann. I beat Jann haha. 🙂

    Happy Xmas.

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