Tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race (the Singapore one) brought back a lot of fond memories of our trip there in 2001. Check it out. We were at both the Fountain of Wealth and the Zoo! We didn’t swim with the manatees though. (At one point tonight I actually said out loud, “God, I hope a sea cow bites Teri on the ass.”) RIP Jill and John Vito.


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  1. i am hoping whenever they get eliminated that zac will just walk away from flo, and leave her screeching by herself. she is seriously one of the most annoying people ever captured on reality television.
    great photos by the way!

  2. Thanks. And hey! You got a blog! Very nice.

  3. i decided to jump in the deep end of the pool. thanks for checking it!

  4. damn them for putting on tas TONIGHT, new years eve! but thank god for vcr’s … i’m still barracking for the twins 😀

  5. Two good teams… and two evil teams. (Well, one and a half. I won’t count poor Zac amongst the damned.) Is tonight the final? How many more episodes do we have to go? Can’t be many.

  6. i’m not sure, but it’s getting frustrating with Ian the Horrible. get the divorce papers Terri! get them now! he treats her like a dog one minute, then okay the next grr

  7. can somebody please tell me if the twins were truly eliminated (it would be the first dream of 2003 to come true), or whether it was a non-elimination round? my video ran out, and i don’t want to check online in case i find out the ultimate winner!
    i am dying here!

  8. Orangecat,

    Yup they made a big big mistake. Here is an extract from the official web page:
    Episode 11 – Models/twins Derek & Drew found themselves caught in a nightmare when they were unable to locate the Roadblock and mistakenly arrived at the Pit Stop without having completed the race course for the leg. They battled back to complete the course successfully, but were dealt a fatal blow when Phil informed them they had arrived last and had become the ninth Team to be eliminated from THE AMAZING RACE.

    Fiona (who also loves the show!)
    – Have you ever seen “The Mole” another good show. Both Amazing Race and The Mole make Survivor look v. boring/slow.

  9. thanks! i was literally tearing my hair out.
    i really liked the australian mole as well – no word yet on whether channel seven is going to do a third season…

  10. Just watched the episode today. I was sorry to see the twins go. I’d rather it was them than Flo/Zach or Teri/Ian. Although, in fairness, Ian didn’t do a single annoying thing this episode. I wonder if he’s improving or if they just edited that stuff out. Flo remains my #1 enemy.

  11. By saying “I’d rather it was them”, I meant winning, not being eliminated. Just clarifying there. 🙂

  12. i was watching TAS on tape with my dad today and i had told him about Ian, but he was so calm and happy this episode! i guess now it’s up to Oh Brother to win? hehe

  13. Undoubtedly, there have been many occurences that have left one with the impression that Zac must be feeling quite unfortunate when he is chided by Flo, yet I do not see “why” Flo is one of the more loathed of the menagarie of characters on the Amazing Race ( call me biased, Flo’s actually my favourite! ). Surely Ian is indefinately able to be labelled a contestant of true insipidness and an inspiration of abhorrence much more so than Flo.
    Regarding her demeanour, I believe that she is probably acting in a positive way as Zac is often presented as representing a blase attitude. Therefore, a good kick up the arse, or – in Flo’s case – derogatory comments and “whining” will be efficacious if they are to win. Their characters are in direct opposition of each other which should enable them to cancel out the other’s negatives and enhance the positives.
    Consequently, one should probably focus less on Flo’s often sulky attitudes and more on the competiton as I’m sure that if Zac can still maintain a calm exterior, we, the viewers, can build a bridge and, well, you know the rest.
    Oh! have you any thoughts regarding this?

  14. I’m totally not belittling your comment, Scarlett, but it was very weird to read. Did somebody dare you to work in a vocab list? We’re all friends here; you don’t need to write an essay. 🙂

    That said, I can’t believe you can justify her behavior. (Yes, Ian’s an ass too, but that’s beside the point.) Look at Jill and John Vito. He was just as “laid back” and yet she never had to resort to screeching and crying to get him to compete. They respected and supported each other. Flo questions every decision her partner makes and often forces him to compromise while she herself remains stubborn (i.e. the whole “I won’t stay in a YMCA. Period.” debacle). And then every time they hit an obstacle, she cries and gives up. How can you possibly call that positive behavior? And even if they end up winning, is that the kind of message young girls should be getting? That to be a winner, a woman also has to be a NAG? Talk about bad gender images.

    Wait a minute… You’re not Flo in disguise, are you? (Just kidding.) 🙂

  15. Kris. Kris, I know that a few days (well, actually more) have elapsed since I last, and initially,wrote in response to the “everyone on the internet seems to hate Flo” issue, however I decided that I might once again try to deduce why this is so, and also why I still maintain that Flo was my favourite character of all the participants.
    In hindsight of the possibility that this letter may appear to be an argumentative attack on your thinking, I would like to tell you that, yes, “we’re all friends here.” Consequently, I apologise if I seem at all offended.
    (By the way, I liked your joke (if you can really define that as a joke! Ha Ha. Just joking. See, I’m definitely not Flo! I’m not a vicious “bitch” of the variety depicted by those who hate her. And, undeniably, my vocabulary is different to Flo’s. If I were Flo, I would undoubtedly have declared that this was “stupid,” raised my voice and stormed off in protest that the game must go on!)
    Oh,by the way, no persons dared me to “work in a vocab list.” I just have a greater knowledge of the English lexis than your average seventeen year-old ( If it is of any interest, I read the dictionary) and I like essays. Well, superfluous pieces of writing.

    I do agree that Flo’s behavoiur is not positive in the general understanding of the word. I, too, have empathy for Zac, but I also have empathy for Flo as I understand that people react differently when they are acting under stressful influences. Flo resorted to her much-despised tantrums and Zac, realising that if he too were to act in such a way it would not be beneficial for the team, tried to remain level-headed. Therefore, it might have seemed that Flo was using her “tantrums” to attain the upper-hand and that Zac was being oppressed as a result, but it was -in reality- two different personalites coming together and “forming an alliance.”

    It was, without doubt, obvious that all teams within the race were exposed to and demonstrated vulnrebility in foreign lands, and this was Flo’s weakness apparently.
    It was rather interesting to see that Flo regained her composure when she was back in the US-of-A ( a fact acknowledged by Ian when he claimed that she was once-again strong and a true threat to all of the remaining teams), was it not?!

    As for the “gender issues,” I don’t quite know how to respond as I do not really have a well-informed opinion of “equality between the sexes,” but, no, I do not believe that women must “nag” to be successful in their chosen fields or that we should dictate to young girls that this is the most beneficial way for them to act.
    (Are you Australian? I am, so I believe that the most impressionable young girls are not permitted to remain out of their warm li’l beds to watch this program at 10.30pm. Something to entertain the gross and scope of your opinion.)
    Also, have you ever entered a competiton of this type of orientation? I have and, as a result, I believt this might be why I feel the need to justify Flo’s behavior.
    Y’see, I was involved in a game of orienteering with a boy not unlike Zac (I know that inner-Melbourne is not in proportion with 13 countries) and he would read the map wrong or translate the instructions from Indonesian to English incorrectly, or go too slow or leave without telling me where he was going (or going at all), so I began to get stressed as he was at risk of putting our chances of winning in jepordy. As a result, I questioned every decision he made and I yelled at him. He didn’t talk to me for approximately two weeks without any hesitation, and in coherent sentences, so I felt like the biggest ass as this guy is fantastic and he was quite infatuated with me, though I saw him as just a friend.
    Oh dear, once again I’ve written an essay. Please, Kris, do write back. I would truly appreciate it.
    P.S. In perfect irony, we, too, won the competition.
    P.P.S. Who’s says that that sort of attitude isn’t positve?!
    P.P.P.S. Was this letter “weird to read?”

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