Friday Five:

1. Where do you currently work?
I work in the “e-business” department of the Australian arm of an international computer printer company. Our office is in Macquarie Park, which is way across Sydney from where I live. I’ve got the commute down to an hour though, which isn’t bad.

2. How many other jobs have you had and where?
Before this I spent two years working for an Internet company in London, England. Before that I was webmaster for this company back in the U.S. There are some other random little jobs on my resumé, like the summer internship I had at our county newspaper and the three years I slaved as a supermarket cashier in high school.

3. What do you like best about your job?
That they pay me. Seriously. After a year of just contracting and stuff, it’s nice to have a steady paycheck again. (I got my first one yesterday!)

4. What do you like least about your job?
It’s gotta be their draconian Internet policy. It’s killing me. (Shhh! I’m working on a way to be able to post here via e-mail.)

5. What is your dream job?
What, other than get paid for blogging? I’m not sure exactly, but it would definitely involve being famous. I keep telling the Snook that I’m destined to be on television. My friend Andrew had a premonition in college that I was going to have my own talk show one day, and that I’d also drive a white Jeep. That sounds pretty good to me. 🙂

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  1. Well….my Jeep is white, ahhh I suppose I could loan it to ya for a while but ya gotta come here for that. Cant help with the talk show part, WAIT….Amy….in L.A…..hummmm……might be possible.

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