Part of my job right now is to generate crafty content for this new “creative printer lifestyle” site we’re building. I’ve been having a lot of fun with origami. These boxes are a great way to recycle greeting cards and they’re perfect for putting jewelry and little trinkets in. I’ve also made some cute origami bunnies and frogs. It’s a fun time-waster.


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  1. Origami is so fun! I used to do loads of shapes. My fave was this mouse 😉

    I’ll need to find a ferret though….

  2. Fun, isn’t it? I’m planning to make something like this for next year’s Christmas tree.

  3. Impressive! I’m not very good yet though. I’ve only looked at diagrams off the ‘Net, and most of those aren’t written very well for beginners. That bunny one, for instance, was impossible given the instructions on that site. I had to look at several others with illustrations before I could figure out what the hell they were talking about.

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