An important relationship milestone has been reached. The Snook and I are now using the same tube of toothpaste.


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  1. oooh, mark and i have been engaged for over a year now, and we *still* don’t share toothpaste. he likes the gel stuff, i like plain ol’ colgate or whatever minty stuff is on special at the supermarket. so we don’t share. that, and he claims i never put the cap back on the tube properly. his claim may be legitimate, but *i* don’t see the problem ;o)

  2. Heh. I’m glad we weren’t the only ones. It was just that we moved in together so soon after we started dating (granted, in a house with three other people), and we both brought tubes with us. For some reason we just kept buying our own. He likes a specific kind, while I’ll pretty much use anything (but I hate the baking soda stuff). I’m told I have to be very careful and not “squeeze from the middle” though. Why are boys so picky about this?

  3. while brushing our teeth in Crete, J. looked down at the tube of toothpaste:

    “Still not putting the cap on, huh?”

    you can sign my man up for Weird Toothpaste Issues Annonymous as well. 😉

  4. Heh! Justin and I have always used the same tube of toothpaste. We swap spit on a daily basis, anyway, so what’s the point of being grossed out over toothpaste germs? My only toothpaste quirk is that it must be Tom’s of Maine. Ever since I started using Tom’s, I can’t stand to use the regular stuff anymore.

  5. I’m flabbergasted. I’ve always shared toothpaste. When I would stay with my ex fiance for the weekend, I would use his Mentadent. When we moved in together, we would share. What’s the point of not sharing? Is it the germs? I’m so not getting it.

  6. It wasn’t a germ thing. It’s just something that happened. We each had our own tubes when we moved in together, and nobody really wanted to be the first to say, “Okay, why don’t we share?” So we just each kept refilling our own supplies. Yeah, it’s totally silly. 🙂

    I was telling the Snook about this discussion today and mentioning y’all’s boyfriends who are obsessed with putting the cap back on correctly. He kinda chuckled and then he was like, “You do, right? Because that is important to me.” So even my fella is not immune to toothpaste OCD.

  7. That is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. I can understand the no-ring thing, yeah – I’ve gone thru that myself. But to not share toothpaste when you’re cohabitating, and neither of you offer to share with the other?? It must be a midwest thing.

  8. Eh? I share the toothpaste with my flatmate even! I don’t get it.

  9. Toothpaste OCD is definitely not a guy thing; I’ve got it, too.

    Perhaps that’s why people who share prefer Mentadent; no squeezing or screw-cap. That and you can get it at Costco.

  10. lmao, Tricia. I just get it because it makes my mouth feel so fresh and so clean. =D That, and the tube-y kind is so messy. I’m anal about cleanliness and Mentadent is doing it’s part in helping me have a clean and happy home.

  11. Ah, one of those second-nature habits that you never think about, even when you mean well. Just evaluated my technique: hold cap + brush in left hand, apply paste with right hand, re-cap and replace paste before commencing to brush. I agree that Mentadent is the ideal way to go.

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