Knitted Kerchief

For this weekend’s knitting project, I whipped up this 60’s Triangle Scarf for myself. I think I look quite the hippie in it. It was pretty easy and I managed to finish it in just a day. (Well, two days if you count my first unsuccessful attempt. I misread the pattern and my scarf ended up only half as long as intended.) It’s my first project that involved “decreasing”, which means it’s the first thing I’ve knitted that wasn’t basically a square. If you give it a try, I’d advise playing around with different needles to achieve the stated gauge, since they ones they list are totally wrong. (I ended up using 6.5 mm.) I think I’ll try the button version next.

60's Knitted Head Scarf     Rear view of 60's Knitted Head Scarf


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  1. Very cute!

    I just learned (class #3) how to increase and decrease. It will be a long time until I’m ready to try it in a real pattern, however. I am amazed, though, at what I can do after only a few weeks!

  2. You can buy one for very little money.

  3. But where can I buy the warm glow of having created something? 🙂

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