From my friend Major: “Check this out. People are seeing the Virgin Mary in a frickin’ fence post at Coogee. People are making pilgrimages to see a white fence and are saying its a message from God that women shouldn’t go topless on the beach. Get these morons out of the gene pool. Out I Say!!!” I really have to agree.

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  1. or maybe the virgin mary likes to check out the boobies? y’know – the human form in all its glory…

  2. This silly story even made it onto the news tonight!

  3. Life outside is a reflection of ourselves. Some reflect the Divine and others stupid fence posts.

  4. I like that quote. But are you honestly saying that there’s something God-like in seeing a woman’s shape in a fence post? See, I prefer to believe that God values intelligence and curiosity. Seeing Him (literally) all over the place – in lumpy potatoes, in clouds, in smoke over an airplane crash – just seems delusional. God would never be so unsubtle. If you wanna appreciate Him, do it by looking at a mountain or a sunrise, not by claiming His mother has nothing better to do than worry about topless sunbathers.

  5. I just realized all of that could be boiled down to one statement: God doesn’t like stupid people. If he does, just count me out.

  6. you children are wasting your time trying to put a gender on the concept of god…

  7. yeah, we “children” all took that philo/theo class in college as well, anon. the thing of it is, the english language is constructed in such a way that the majority of pronouns relate to one gender or ther other. personally, i think that most gender-neutral references to God are often clunky and “it” is just way too impersonal. just because a person uses “Him” in reference to God doesn’t mean that s/he pictures God as an old white man with a flowing beard. (see above)

    and now the troll feeding time has come to a close… 😉

  8. Ah, thanks for catching that one B. I don’t like to let trolls run around, but they have a knack of posting while I’m asleep. 🙂

  9. sorry, it just got my blue-and-gold knickers into an Almighty twist. 😉

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