Purdue Hat

Me in the Purdue Hat Side view of Purdue hat

Feedback needed.
My brother is a sophomore in college and I asked him recently what he’d like me to knit him. He said a hat would be nice, and that “the more unique the better”. This is what I came up with. (Don’t worry; he never reads the site so it won’t ruin the surprise.) I based it on this pattern for an “ear flap hat”. Instead of using the provided zig-zag design, though, I decided to try my hand at doing some fair isle knitting. So I laid out a design using the name of his university in their school colors. It came out pretty well! Slightly wonky shaped, but I figure some blocking this weekend (i.e. me wearing it around the house a lot) will square it up. Now I’m wondering… Should I put a pompom on top? He said “unique.” Would any of you guys actually wear a hat with a pompom on it? Is this whole discussion moot because it’s so dorky he’d never wear it regardless? Please advise. (I’ve set up a poll to register your thoughts on the issue.)


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  1. Nix the pom….he’ll thank you for it.

  2. Go for the pom. My girlfriend made me a pompom hat and it was great. It was a hit at Mardi Gras. The weird thing is, when I woke up I was wearing a totally different hat, some mass-produced green knit thing I had never seen before (plus green is soooo not my color). Some street slime pulled the switcheroo and absconded with my pom. I still miss that hat.

  3. ho. lee. crap! color me totally impressed with your knitting skillz! i really need to pick the needles up again, especially since winter is rapidly drawing to a close!

    i’d say put on the pompom, but make it easily detachable/removable if he decides it’s too 70s chic or sumthin.

  4. Go for the pom…it’s a conversation piece.

  5. Gotta have the pom!!

  6. Also impressed with the letters!

    If your brother’s looking for unique, a little pom-pom is a necessity!

  7. For this year’s ski season I bought a hat similar to this sans moose–love it! If you’re worried about the pom maybe you could do something like this one?

  8. Thanks for the comments… but I’m afraid Dad’s vote pretty much cancels out the other six. He’d know whether Ant would wear it. 🙁

    Actually I might as well just ask him, right? You may be seeing my brother’s first every comment here later today…

  9. yeah, ask ant. i gotta disagree with you, dad. i’ve witnessed him buying a winter hat with a pom on it back in the day – a great goodwill find that advertised some tractor company in red and yellow. don’t know where he is now. i have a spare moment, so i’m going to whip up a quick photoshop representation of ant in the hat with and without pom. expect an email soon. 🙂

  10. if i were krispy’s brother, i would like it without the poof on top….i hate books!!

  11. Well, that last comment was from Antny himself, so I guess “sans pompom” is the way to go. Check out this Photoshopped image my sister did of him in it. HA! She’s awesome at that.

  12. Awww! But the pom would’ve been so cuuuute!

  13. those hats dont work without a pom-pom!!! :O my oma (grandma) is knitting me one for my birthday 😀 can’t wait!

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