Things I Would Happily Pay Top-Dollar For This Very Instant But For Some Insane Reason Am Unable to Purchase in This Country:

  • TiVo
  • Diet Vanilla Coke
  • Golden Grahams
  • Dinty Moore Beef Stew

Yeah, it’s a short list, but I’m sure I’ll be adding to it. Those are ranked roughly in diminishing order of how frequently I say, “Dammit! Why can’t I buy [X]?” What’s the point of having a World Trade Organization if willing consumers are denied the opportunity to buy stuff they want? *pout* I say hurry up, globalization!

[Edited to add: Okay, I just realized that sounds very Asshole American “Where’s the McDonald’s?” Tourist, which wasn’t what I intended. See, they already have regular Vanilla Coke here. I’m just annoyed that they haven’t brought out a diet version. The Golden Grahams thing is more a reaction to the lack of cinnamon and graham flavored products here. (No “Big Red” gum either.) Okay, the Dinty Moore thing is ridiculous, and I can’t really fault them there. I just miss it. But as for the TiVo… I really don’t get this. A) They already have a PAL version they did for the UK. B) It’s not like they’d have to translate any of the menus or documentation. C) There are several existing cable setups here that, I can only imagine, would love to offer a bundled system. So what’s the damn holdup? Anyway, just trying to prove I’m not being totally irrational here…]


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  1. Have you checked out these dudes for the Golden Grahams?

  2. Hey, that’s in Crows Nest! I didn’t realize there were any American food places in Sydney. Another expat told me about this place in Melbourne, where I ordered some stuff for Thanksgiving. Rodd’s sister lives up in Willoughby… I might have to check that out next time we go visit!

  3. i am not american, but i love some of the products and make a trip to usafoods every now and again… well, not as frequently as i would like. i got addicted to reece’s peanut butter cups and reeces pieces when my local petrol station sold them for a brief time… i must have been the only one who bought them because they never got them in again. at least all stores now stock oreos.
    but yes, cinnamon gum rocks!
    oh, and why the hell can’t we get cherry coke over here?

  4. I’m not a big fan of American chocolate or anything, but for some reason I really love the US version of five-flavours Life Savers. I might be imagining it, but they seem bigger and juicier. Hot diggity, they are nice.

  5. The hard ones or the chewy ones? I like ’em both, but the reds (of both varieties) are my favorite. 🙂

  6. The hard ones. But it could just be me 🙂

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