Our groovy new aluminum cupsIf you’re anything like me, you often visit Scrubbles and get depressed by all the cool things Matt seems to acquire. Not that they aren’t great… just that seeing someone with taste makes me feel guilty that practically our whole house is furnished by IKEA. Anyhoo, on Sunday the Snook and I were heading out to breakfast (lazy people!) when we discovered that a nearby vintage antiques store was going out of business. We bought all kinds of stuff, but the things I was most happy about were these two sets of aluminum drinking glasses. My aunt’s had a set for ages and I always thought they were just the coolest things ever. So now I’ve finally got some! Each set of four comes in it’s own little picnic carrying case with a bottle opener. I’m so in love with them that I think I’m going to have to collect some more. So if you come across any, let me know!

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  1. Great find. I’ve never seen those glasses with a carrying case. That is too cute!

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