I’m tryin’ out some new links in my daily blog reading routine. They’re down there on the right. I discovered them all via comments at this site, so if you think I should be experiencing your brilliance, speak up!


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  1. kris, i’m blushing! thanks for the link!

  2. OK, I’m speaking up! I’ve been reading your site for over a year now, and really enjoy it. Although I’m not nearly as technically advanced as you, I enjoy posting to my own blog. Here’s the link: http://www.lynnettecook.com/blog

  3. WOO WOO!!!!

    Kris, have my babies?

  4. I’m not such a fan of babies. But I like new content! So keep me entertained. 🙂

  5. hey, thanks for the link!

  6. Thanks for the link. The crafts are great…maybe I’ll share more of mine along the blog.

  7. You definitely should. There aren’t enough crafty blogs out there…

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