The Snook and I flipped on the TV tonight just as the show Getaway was starting. It’s a travel show where the hosts travel around the world and tell you about great places to go. Imagine my surprise when the second segment of the show was on Elkhart, Indiana! The Aussie host was all excited to travel to the “RV Capital of the World”. He went to a motorhome convention and even visited the Shipshewana flea market and the Essenhaus! I nearly pissed myself laughing when he pronounced Amish as “Aim-ish”. The best part is that I managed to hit record on the VCR so I’ll be able to watch it whenever I’m homesick. I just can’t believe we managed to catch that right when I needed the most. It was great.


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  1. He he he, I know somewhat how you feel. One time my very own hometown was featured in a TV show and I felt so incredible I can hardly describe it. And I still live there. So you must feel much better than I. But I did say somewhat. Oh, and the TV show was “Songs Of Praise” which is on the BBC and is religious. My homosexual uncle was on it, praying. I watch the tape, never.

  2. Hahahaha… See, that’s the type of show I could conceivably see Elkhart, Indiana being featured on. Not a “hey, young people, this place is kickin’!” type show like Getaway. It was so weird. I guess some people think motorhomes are hip.

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