After the triumph of last week, our trivia karma was evidently all used up. We placed fifth tonight and didn’t come close to winning the jackpot. I myself won the first two mini-prizes of the night though (a jug of beer and a polo shirt), which is pretty satisfying. I correctly answered that when it’s midnight in London it’s also midnight in Casablanca, and that the northeastern USA state with less than 25000 people per city is Maine. The question that tested us the most, however, was, “Name eight movies Mel Gibson has starred in with one-word titles.” We knew seven of them, and I thought of an eighth after we turned in the quiz. Can you get them all?


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  1. It’s too damn early to make me think this hard, Kris.

    Hmmmmm. Hamlet. Pocahontas. Maverick. Signs. Payback. Ransom. Braveheart. I think. I’m not even sure he’s in most of these – keep in mind I have been up for 5 minutes and haven’t had any caffeine.

  2. Does “The Patriot” count?

  3. Is ‘Gallipoli’ the missing one?

  4. “The” doesn’t count. 🙂

    John had it though. Unfortunately our quiz man wouldn’t count Pocahontas… so there’s one more obscure one out there. Anyone? Bueller?

  5. So wait, is The Patriot one of the 8? I think there’s some old movie (GREAT link for the movie game) w/ him and Anthony Hopkins called The Mutiny or something, if that’s the case.

  6. The one with Anthony Hopkins is “The Mutiny on the Bounty” I think. I know the last but I wont say otherwise Kris will beat me around the head with a small kitten and then set the goldfish on me.

  7. Ooo, quiz man should have counted Pocohontas. But I know the most obscure one there is: Casper!

  8. Dang it. I was wrong, I just peeked at IMDB, and there’s ANOTHER one as well. Gawd. Stupid useless trivia get’s me no-where, as usual 😉

  9. Wait. He’s in Casper? No way! (And The Patriot doesn’t count, Kel.)

    I might set the goldfish on you, Major, but unfortunately I lack an attack kitty.:(

  10. He’s in it, but uncredited…

    Bring on the Newtown Cockraoches…I’m armed and dangerous.

  11. Heh. Nice to know I’m not the only one posting during the day!

  12. How come your quiz questions are so damn hard? The ones we get are usually about seventies pop music. Maybe it’s the pubs I frequent? Anyway, Mel rules it for Braveheart, for feedom and all that nonsense.

  13. We actually like this one because it’s so hard. Previously we went to a different bar and not only were the questions dead easy, but the woman would come around during the breaks and give you the answers anyway! So you’d get to the final round and everybody would have the same score, so you’d have to risk it all on Final Jeopardy, which was the only really hard question of the night. So most times we ended up blowing it all and losing. The new way is nicer, because we either win or lose on our own merits. I like that.

  14. And for the record… the last Mel Gibson movie was Tim. None of us had ever heard of it.

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