Trivia victory! We came back from five points down to win in stunning fashion. (And this time it wasn’t because the first place team got disqualified!) Personal highlights were identifying the Night Court theme and naming one of the last two non-Americans to win the Best Actress Oscar. (Can you guess them?) It helped that a lot of the music identification this week were from the mid-nineties. I’m crap at stuff from the 60’s, but give me 4 Non Blondes and Snow anyday.


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  1. Emma Thompson for Howard’s End AND…? I know all the winners from 1990 up and I think they’ll all American. Maybe HBC had one in the 80s? Or Gwyneth really is British (did you see that GREAT saturday night live monologue)? I give up…

  2. P.S. Informaaaaaaa, you no say blah blah blahbiddie blah di blah, a licky boom boom down. So funny b/c that was a question at OUR pub quiz once – “Who sings Informer?” I got it, of course! 😉

  3. A licky Boom Boom Down!

    LOL!! Snow! I haven’t thought of that in years. “Informer” rocked, yo.

  4. We got Emma… but then in desperation put Juliet Binoche. Isn’t she French? Or maybe I imagined that. Or maybe she didn’t win it. Anyhoo, the other one is completely random. The movie was from the 70’s, and she was from England. Anyone? Anyone?

  5. She did win, but it was supporting for The English Patient. And maybe she was nominated for Chocolat, who knows? I don’t quite remember, b/c I’m going nuts right now trying to figure out who to pick for THIS year’s Best Actress. It seems like your nemesis is pulling ahead in the odds… did you decide who you’re going with yet?

  6. Are you kidding? As an Honorary Australian, there’s only once choice. The whole bloody country’s cheering for Nicole. (Although I read an interview yesterday with her last director who said he thought the secret-Jude-romance rumors might hurt her chances.)

    There is NO WAY Zellweger will win. It won’t happen. You know how the universe, like, buckled when Flo and Zac won the Amazing Race? It will crack apart if Zellweger wins. I personally will die of sarcasm-poisoning if I have to see her squinting her way through an acceptance speech. *shudder* It. Just. Can’t. Happen.

    You better put in your entry to my contest though. Only one week to go and there are already SEVENTY entries! I’ve gotta finish the monkey this weekend so y’all can see what you’re playing for. 🙂

  7. Judi Dench got somthing one year. Maybe that was supporting actress. I am yet to look up nominations so I can enter the contest. I am trying to see movies this week so I know what I’m on about.

  8. Holly Hunter in the piano.

  9. Judi Dench was for supporting and Holly Hunter’s American. 🙂

    None of you are ever going to get it, so I’ll just tell you. It was Glenda Jackson. No, I don’t know who the hell that is either. But she’s English.

  10. Judi Dench got her oscar for her 50 second role in “Shakespeare In Love”.

    I’ve never heard of Glenda Jackson. Perhaps we are all too young? ;o)

  11. Renee just won the SAG… and 80% of the SAG voters are the exact ones who vote for the Best Actress Oscar, so it’s not looking good for Nic. Also, in my opinion, she Kidman wasn’t even featured in The Hours enough to warrant the Best Lead Actress category (30 minutes or some shit). I want Julianne Moore to win, BAD… SHE deserves it!

  12. But… but… she wore a fake nose! And she looked all unglamorous! That’s hard work when you’re as good-looking as her. And what did Renee do? Play some mousy loser who couldn’t sing or dance. Big stretch there. 🙂

    (Okay, okay, she was good in the role, but… THE SMIRKING AND THE SQUINTING. For that alone she can not win.)

  13. I know, I know. God, it’s the hardest decision EVER! Just watched Far From Heaven, though, and I will be furious if JMoore doesn’t win. However, pool-wise, I will either put my bet on Nicole or “The Devil.” On my pool this year, when I send out everyone’s picks, I’m gonna have a little column of picks that I WANT to win… it’ll be nice to see how that does versus my REAL, greedy ones.

  14. “The Devil.” HA! I’m glad you’ve come around to my way of thinking. I’m going to start calling her that too.

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