Friday Five:

1. Do you like talking on the phone? Why or why not?
Yep. I just like to talk. I’m a chatty cathy.

2. Who is the last person you talked to on the phone?
The Snook. He called me at work this afternoon to say he’d come upon a stash of old computer parts at his college. (He was doing some work there.) He wanted to know if he should salvage the stuff for me to use as crafting materials. I said, “Hell yeah!” I’m envisioning computer key beaded necklaces and motherboard-encrusted picture frames. Sweeeet.

3. About how many telephones do you have at home?
We’ve got two: a regular old cordless and an ultra-cool Queen Amidala Star Wars phone (with buttons you can press to interject “The Federation has gone too far this time!” in your conversations). The Snook and I both have little Nokia 3310 mobiles too.

4. Have you encountered anyone who has really bad phone manners? What happened?
Huh? Random question. Well, I do get kinda pissed when people walk away from their desks and leave their mobiles unattended. Some guy in my office has the frickin’ Wedding March as his ringtone, and I hear it about forty times a day.

5. Would you rather pick up the phone and call someone or write them an e-mail or a letter? Why or why not?
Definitely. I am a lazyass.

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  1. …”motherboard-encrusted picture frames”… nerds! 🙂

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