Happy birthday to Australia’s own orangecat! Hope you’re having a purr-fect weekend! (I couldn’t resist.)


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  1. aww, thanks kris! it was a pretty good, mellow day. still coming down off that springsteen-concert vibe, which was basicaly like an early birthday present…

  2. I was surprised after your review to read this negative one. Were you guys up near the front or something?

  3. well, i was at the melbourne concert, and although i didn’t think the telstra dome was the best venue (being just a football field), we had no sound problems whatsoever. i was all over the stadium at different points as i got in there two songs late and had trouble finding my friends. the only technical glitches we had were the screens started acting up at one point and had blue lines running throughout them, and that in one song patti scialfa’s mic seemed to be mixed at a higher level and sounded odd, as she was drowning out bruce and singing in a different key (as back up singers are wont to do).
    so, after a long rant (sorry), sounds like the sydney concert was not as good. our friend fleur went on from melbourne to the sydney concert so when i speak to her i’ll find out which was better.
    and not wanting to wave my bruce flag, but it sounds like the reviewer was kinda blaming the wrong person…

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