Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go’s, who I used to idolize in elementary school because she was a pop star and she wore glasses, will be appearing in Playboy. I hereby rescind my respect.


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  1. Jeez. No wonder my page has been getting so many hits for “Belinda Carlisle nude pics”.
    I saw her on VH1’s behind the music recently. She looks OLD.

  2. I bet she does. And according to a comment on Bill’s site, her voice is shot to hell now too.

  3. Sorry about the random missing comments, B. I was fixing some stuff and I didn’t get the permissions set back correctly. It should be all right now.

  4. no worries. what i was going to say was when she said “It’s sort of an homage to the sort of Vargas style, ’50s pinup,” i just hope she pronounced “homage” correctly and not in that pseudo-arty way that rhymes with the french word for cheese.

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