Click to enlarge, but beware!Badge of Failure
I went. I really did. They denied me. Apparently little “Reena” failed to mention during my tour that when they say they close at 11:00, really that means they close down the facilities at 10:30, and they pretty much stop letting people in at 9:45. So I got the shaft.
In addition to said shaft, I also got my wonderful new picture ID. Isn’t it the worst photo ever? She was holding the camera, like, at my waist. And I’m wondering, “Isn’t that an odd angle to be taking–?” *click* “Okay, nevermind.” So look at me. I look like André the Giant. I look like Mount Kristuvius. I look like a giant redwood. Curse you Holmes Place.


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  1. i was on a streak there for a while where every ID picture i had taken–driver’s license, student ID, etc–was GREAT. i remember feeling pretty disappointed when i my first over-21 ID looked less than vogue-worthy.

    don’t sweat it, sistah. or rather, get in there and sweat it out! i commend your efforts to spend some QT with gym–especially going late night! if i don’t hit the gym before dinner, i’m in for the night. today’s another day (as i’m sure you’re well aware 😉

    i went running by myself *again* yesterday…pretty amazing that i’m actaully starting to enjoy that which i dreaded most less than a year ago…

  2. Ugh. I hate running. Put me on a bike, though, and I’ll spin forever.

    Luckily my gym is only about a 10 minute walk from the office, so that’s why I’ve been going after work. I tend to sleep in in the morning and work late though, so my “after work” sometimes becomes quite late indeed.

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