Dreamlog: Ugh, this one was awful, folks. I dreamed that the Snook had to propose to his ex-girlfriend in front of all our friends and family. (I can’t remember the reason, but in the dream it sadly made perfect sense.) He gave her this big giant square-cut diamond ring and she answered “Maybe”. Afterwards he didn’t understand why I was so upset and humiliated. I woke up in tears. After the usual post-nightmare snuggling and comforting, the real Snookums cracked me up with: “You’re not allowed to watch The Bachelor before bed anymore.” Indeed.

(Disturbing sidenote: The ex-girlfriend in my dream was played by Kristen! I must have some severe repressed bridal envy goin’ on.)


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  1. yikes! i hereby promise not to make a play for the snook (i’m sure he wouldn’t want me anyway!). though the giant square cut diamond does sounds lovely ;o)!

    mark and i picked up our wedding rings from the jewellers yesterday evening. mark has now tucked them away and is denying me access to them. i keep wanting to try mine on. heh.

  2. Oh nice! What’re they like? Did you go all Madonna and design your own, or are they traditional?

  3. We ended up getting the rings from Goldheart (our rings aren’t featured on the website though). His is a plain, flat, white gold band. Mine is similar, but thinner, and has some teeny tiny diamond chips set along the top in a pave setting. I like ’em.

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