Burn it down and salt the earth.
I reached the end of my patience with the pantry moth infestation. We’d thrown everything out that we thought they might be in but they just didn’t go away. So today the Snook and I went on the offensive. We took everything out of our cupboard and checked each and every package for tell-tale grubs or webs. They were in packets of tea; they were in pasta; they were even in the sugar. (Luckily they were mostly in things we haven’t eaten since we started Atkins.) All of it got chucked. Then I cleaned and wiped the shelves and walls with bleach. The remaining food is now back in place and a lovely little packet of moth balls is resting in the corner. We will be victorious; I swear it.

Since the pantry offensive left us feeling all grown-up and responsible, we decided to tackle two other problem areas in the house: the fridge and the stairs. While the Snook scrubbed gooey spilled soy sauce off the fridge shelves, I dragged the vacuum up and down the stairs while laboriously scrubbing the dust out of the carpet. Suddenly our steps are two shades lighter. We’re such pigs. But at least today we’re mature, slightly less disgusting pigs.

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  1. I think couchcam is stuck. At least I hope so. Either that or Snook has been asleep in a semi-upright foetal position for more than 24 hours, and you’ve been knitting non-stop with your legs crossed. Are you trying to clothe the Third World? Do me a favour and check to see what colour your left foot is.

    As for the Snook, maybe check for a pulse.

  2. Yeah I caught I really nice one of the Snookmeister yawning and his mouth was fully opened. It was a lovely sight!

    I just hope you guys remember to turn off the cam before any hanky panky on the sofa 😉 …. in fact is that why it’s been the same pic for ages …hehe….

  3. Thanks for the heads-up… Yeah, it got stuck. I think they’ve been restarting my server each night and CouchCam fails and crashes. The Snook’s working on it.

  4. I was wondering if this worked for you because I’m having the same issue with the moths and it’s horrible my house is very clean and this morning I woke up and had over 200 maggots all over my kitchen floor help let me know if the moth balls worked. Thanks

  5. It worked, but I don’t think it was the mothballs so much as throwing everything about that they might be in. After that, we got a lot of airtight canisters and started putting our perishables in those. Putting things in the fridge whenever possible is also a good idea. Good luck!

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