Okay, ‘fess up. One of y’all taped the Dawson’s Creek finale. You’ve got it; I want it. Let’s make a deal.


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  1. Yeah I got it. I’m not proud of it 🙂 But my little ole cousin sure did knit me a purdy scarf, so send me an address and it’s yours. 🙂

  2. I knew you would! Yeah, I’m not proud either but I need some closure. Plus I read that Joey ends up with Pacey (highlight to read). Eeeek! I’m such a girl. Will you be home at the end of June? I could just borrow it from you then while we’re there visiting…

  3. Absolutely… you and the snook merit a special trip!

  4. Gaaaaaaa! No spoilers!

  5. ACK! I’m guilty of one of my own pet peeves! So sorry about that Alastair. Offending sentence has been whited out. Will try to keep other fellow international Creekers in mind in the future… 🙂

  6. OOH! Smart one – I’m not sure if I’ve seen that done before, though frankly, the temptation to highlight is mega. Nonetheless, it makes it the reader’s problem, which is fun in a bizarre kind of way.

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