My sister’s been telling me for ages that she thinks I’ve got “hypothyroidism”, based on my slow metabolism, aching muscles, and sensitivity to cold. I didn’t take her too seriously. (We joke that she’s the family hypochondriac.) I saw it mentioned in a Glitter thread yesterday though and it prompted me to do some research. Reading this list of symptoms was like reading a description of myself. Pain between the shoulders, difficulty losing weight, always feeling cold, recurrent seasonal allergies and sinusitis, feeling depressed… plus I’ve got a family history of thyroid problems. I found a recommended specialist and made an appointment to get tested. It’s weird; I’m both dreading and hoping for a positive diagnosis. At least it would explain a lot, you know? And maybe I could feel better.


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  1. I am proud of you for getting it checked! It really can make a difference when you know if there is something wrong. I found out I PCOS 2 weeks ago and the doctor put me on a pill and changed my diet and I have lost 12 lbs! Incredible! The biggest thing is that I dont feel like I have been just slacking off…I knew I wasn’t, but it is good to hear the confirmation.

  2. Sister! I have hypothyroidism, and have probably had it for many years, but only got it checked out when my throat finally ballooned up and I thought I had some serious tumor happening (which I didn’t). Going to the doc was the BEST thing that happened to me. I thought being exhausted, cold and my hair falling out all the time was normal, and I feel so much more happy now, too. And I lost a few kg’s to boot 🙂

  3. Thanks guys. That’s fantastic, Claire. Can I ask how you found your doctor? I was a bit loathe to ask my GP about it so I searched online and found this page with recommended specialists. I called up the first Sydney one (Dr. Ludka Berkowski) and that’s who I’m seeing Monday. She sounds good so far. She also mentioned that I’ll be able to claim most of her fees back through Medicare. Is that what you did or do you have private insurance? I’m still in a muddle with the health care industry over here (and John Howard isn’t simplifying things much lately).

  4. I just went to my GP and he referred me on. Luckily I had private health insurance, but yeah, I’m pretty sure it’d be covered by Medicare (although who knows what will happen in future *grrrrr*!)

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