Two new studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine are finally providing evidence that not only does the Atkins Diet work, it’s actually beneficial for your health. Take that, detractors! You can read about it here and here. (Also note that my own cholesterol, which was checked yesterday, is “normal” after nearly a year of this diet.)

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  1. Good. Thank you. I’m so sick of hearing how “bad” it is to have fat in your diet. It doesn’t seem to matter what sort of fat to these people — all of it is evil to them. Howard Stern has been pissing me off lately with the whole unhealthy low-fat diet thing. I don’t even want to listen ot him when he goes on one of his low-fat tirades.

    “Eat your 12 servings of bread and grains a day! Don’t put bacon or cheese or full-fat ranch dressing on your salad! Drink tons and tons of milk, preferrably skim! Don’t eat any red meat, ever!”

    …And they wonder why Americans are so overweight. Jesus. From the time we’re kids we’re told to eat how the pyramid tells us to. That’s hard to let go of, you know?

    Bah. Anyway. I’m done. 😉

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