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Hygienic Phone Wipes


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  1. ha, i know those little blue packets too well! nothing like the abrasive semll of cleaning products to let you know you’re at work!

  2. We don’t actually use them at work, as far as I know. It’s just that whoever owned my desk before me seemed to accumulate them. Maybe they had a fear of germs…

  3. Oh–I thought it was SARS-related, not general germaphobia-related. Our middle school librarian carried around a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a baggie full of cotton balls for the same reason, but we all just chalked it up in the “Mrs. Prothman is crazy as a loon” category. Who knew she was so cutting-edge?

  4. Ha! I didn’t even think of SARS. I just thought they were funny in a Douglas Adams kind of way. 🙂

    (Although with regards to SARS, I did notice that my pharmacist has a prominent display of face masks near the counter. Damn vulture. Too bad I’ve never seen a single person wearing one here!)

  5. The previous desk owner could also have just liked eating sticky foods at work.

  6. Or I could just read the packets better; maybe he/she liked eating sticky foods on the phone? (okay, we’ll stick to the germaphobe theory).

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