Victorious!I did it.
Thanks to everyone for their training advice over the past few months. My time for the 5K was 35:30, which is almost ten minutes faster than last year! I didn’t feel like I was going very fast, but I didn’t have to walk much and I only had one sip of water along the course. I also hit on a new strategy halfway through the race: pick someone ahead of you and make sure you beat them. In my case it was a short chubby girl with the endurance of a plow horse. I kept up with her the whole way and finally blew by her on the final turn. It felt wonderful. The Snook was there taking pictures and hopefully I’ll get some from the official photographer too. Thanks again to everyone who was mentally cheering me on. Next year – the 10K!Coming into the final stretch    Immediately post-race


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  1. congrats Kris, way to go!! (looks like a gorgeous day, too…) before you know it it’ll be marathon time!

  2. i knew you’d rocket along!

  3. Thanks guys! It was a gorgeous day. Nice and sunny, but pretty cold too. I can’t wait to get in some hot Indiana weather soon…

  4. well done! and my aren’t you lookin’ good!

  5. I am so proud of you, Kris!! Way to go!!

  6. i’m proud of you Kris! congratulations!

  7. You blew her on the final curve??? Excuse me???

  8. Blew BY her, Major! Jeez, read all the letters next time! 🙂

  9. Excellent, Kris! Congrats–and great strategy as well. It also works for outdoor running/training, and breezing by (notice I didn’t say “blowing” 🙂 ) another runner gives you lots of that “smug energy” to help you make it to the finish line. Way to go!

  10. great work, woman! i hope you keep it up. i took some time off after my race last year and was shocked how quickly i fell out of running shape. try to maintain your current level if you can! 🙂

  11. Good job! I’m impressed.

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