Greek Key Jumper

Snookums in his sweaterCurse be damned; I knitted the Snook a sweater. This is my first seamless and patternless sweater and the first of my own design. The stripe pattern is from a woven scarf his mother gave him a few years back. (I just graphed it and worked it twice, once in reverse.) The sweater itself is green and the pattern’s in grey. It’s made of a thick Aran wool and it really absorbs the light, which makes it pretty hard to see here. It’s got a regular crew neck and raglan sleeves, which means the seamlines run up diagonally from the armpit to the neck (like a sweatshirt). My biggest problem was getting the cast-off collar loose enough to fit over his head! Read on to see some more pictures of him in his favorite modeling poses.The first is called “The Beach is That Way!”, and the second is “What Time is It?”. I make him do them whenever he tries something on, because it cracks my shit up.

 The Beach is That Way!     What Time is It?


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  1. hee. rodd looks funny making those poses! nice sweater. you’re so clever. :o)

  2. What’s up with the scary hair? Is he on drugs? hehe

  3. Ha! No, he’s just let it grow out a bit. He’ll probably shave it off before we take off next week. I’ve been trying to talk him into going to my friend Kevin’s salon so they can keep part of the length (I love his curls) but make it less bushy. He refuses though, because he thinks he’s got “uncuttable” hair. So he just lets it grow out til it’s too poofy and then buzzes it off.

    It was funny the other day; he woke up and it was up in two peaks like Wolverine. We were doing X-Men imitations all day. 🙂

  4. Dashing, spunky even

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