If you were head of programming at a cable station, what five television shows would be on your channel? This is the discussion we’re having over at Max’s site. I answered: 1. “Get a Life”; 2. “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”; 3. Vintage 80’s “Days of Our Lives”; 4. “Double Dare”; 5. “You Can’t Do That on Television”. The Snook’s answers: 1. “The Goodies”; 2. “Dr. Who”; 3. “Battle of the Planets”; 4. “You Can’t Do That on Television”; 5. “The Greatest American Hero”.

Two comments: First, hello? We both picked “You Can’t Do That on Television”! He hadn’t heard my answers when he said that. He confessed to having a crush on Moose too. And second, his Mom informed me that when he was little he fashioned himself a “Greatest American Hero” costume from a pair of pajamas. How freakin’ cute is that?


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  1. I would have to have the Simpsons and Saved by the Bell. Seinfeld would be in there but now I’ve seen so much Sein that I am burned out on it. What was the name of the show with Danny and Uncle Jessie and DJ? Olsen twins. Why can’t I remember? Then the Transformers. For drama I would pick Homicide (based in Baltimore), but I’ve never seen an episode, I am just interested in seeing some because I read David Simon’s book Homicide and it was good. The crime drama thing is kind of played out, but they appear to be real ratings winners so I ‘ll go with it. Wasn’t Get a Life Chris Eliot’s show? That’s some arcane television. I find that Cabin Boy is enough for me when I need a Chris Eliot fix (which is never).

  2. 1.) The Adventures of Pete & Pete
    2.) Xena: Warrior Princess
    3.) Quantum Leap
    4.) Star Trek: The Next Generation
    5.) The Simpsons

  3. Full House. Duh.

  4. Full House is one of my guilty pleasures. I think most everyone here knows what a Olsen Twins fangirl I am. 😉

  5. AHHH! You promised never to mention them! (Shh. Maybe Google won’t hear.) 🙂

  6. uncle jesse is hot

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