Trivia Update: In case you couldn’t tell from the previous post, I’m a little tipsy. Why? We got second place in the trivia tonight! (The team that won was so far in front they had to have cheated.) Even more amazingly, we won four of the mini-jackpots for the night. Snooky won a Wild Turkey prize pack (hat, keychain, coaster, and glass of beer), Kenya won a jug of beer, and I won a Wild Turkey pack and a bottle of wine. In other words, we drank free all night. Personal highlights were naming the song “Sunny Came Home” and the actor who played Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies. (The latter was the subject of an immense bet between a roommate and me in college. Somehow I had picked up the misguided belief that the same actor played Apollo and Lando Calrissian. Can you name both different actors?) Also – what are the four most spoken languages in North America? What are the three biggest islands in the Mediterranean that start with the letter “C”?


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  1. Carl Weathers (this one I’m not sure of) and Billy Dee Williams.

    English, Spanish, French and… and… Chinese??

    Crete, Corsica, and I can’t even think of a third. Next vacation must be to the Med!

  2. Crete, Corsica and Corfu?

  3. cyprus?

  4. cyprus?

  5. Crete, Corsica and Cyprus are correct, as is Carl Weathers. Lando was played by Billy Dee Williams.

    That last language is wrong though…

  6. Carl Weathers and Billy Dee Williams.

    Ah, I see it’s already posted a few times. Still, Creed is like twice the size as Lando.

  7. Yeah, I know. Not one of my finer film trivia moments. 🙂

  8. Good guess… but it’s Italian. Isn’t that random? We got it wrong. Who the hell speaks Italian? I don’t know anybody who does.

  9. Me, but even though I have a US passport, I’ve never really lived there 😉

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