Trogdor the Sweater-Wearing Burninator
Rodd wore his new green jumper to work for the first time today and apparently it’s having a weird effect. People keep talking to him. He sent me the following extremely nerdy (and extremely funny) e-mail about it:

Extract from the Dungeon Masters Guide, Vol. 3 : Extraordinary Creatures and
Treasures for Advanced Gamers

Treasure #55 – The Jumper of Egregious Approachability…
Material: Wool

Rarity: Extreme — only one known to exist

Appearance: Dark green woollen jumper with small, grey geometric design

Powers: Makes the wearer seem extremely approachable to strangers. If in a crowd, the wearer will be singled out by strangers asking for directions etc. In other social situations, strangers will fell compelled to strike up conversation with the wearer, and ask them questions that they would never think to ask under normal circumstances.


  • Trogdor, a 10th level Burninator, is standing in a crowd waiting to cross the street. Spi Si Fong, an itinerant oriental monk on a bicycle stops to ask directions to the local post office. He will invariably ask Trogdor, rather than any of the other people in the crowd.
  • Trodgor continues up the street, holding a recently purchased cup of
    take-away coffee. While negotiating a tight space in the crowd, he encounters Delip Dua (twin brother of Jagdeep) trying to negotiate the crowd in the other direction. After excusing himself while squeezing past Trogdor, Delip will suddenly turn and, in a loud and enthusiastic voice, ask a random question like “HEY! Where did you get the COFFEE?”


I’m still laughing…