A rather boring article about the release of the next Harry Potter movie features a good picture of Harry and the Knight Bus. I can’t figure out who the other guy is, though. It’s not Stan or Ernie… I wonder if it’s the director?


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  1. Yep, the director.

  2. Then Alfonso Cuaron is HOT.

  3. I’ll second that. Why do you think I knew it was him?

    Ooo, oo email me about when you guys are going to be where. I probably won’t be up for the 4th, but I want to come up sometime around then you see you and my new apt!!!

    Oh, and I seeeeeeee yyoooouuu

  4. Hee. We were watching “The Amazing Race”. Snookums figured out how to download episodes (since it’s not being shown here). Anyhoo, we’re probably going to be at Aunt Deb’s. We get in on Tuesday the 24th and we’ll be there through July 3. You’ll definitely have to come visit, as (rumor has it) Uncle Mike and his fam are going to be there too! Mega reunion time…

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