We made our triumphant return at pub trivia tonight with a respectable fourth place finish (which netted us $10). I also won a free schooner of beer (for knowing which member of the “Friends” cast was first nominated for an Emmy) and a Black & Decker Toasted Sandwich Maker in the Joker Poker Draw. Go me! Okay, your questions for the day: Which six countries in the world have the highest Christian populations? Which three track & field events did women first participate in at the Sydney 2000 Olympics?


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  1. i think lisa kudrow got the first Friends emmy nomination.

    not so hot on the rest of the questions…christians – america’s got to be #1, italy (lots of catholics, right?), germany…ummm…brazil (again with the catholic thing)…that’s all i’ve got

  2. Correct on Kudrow. You’ve also got USA, German, and Brazil on the Christian one, but Italy is incorrect. Anybody guess the other three?

  3. Russia? UK? I’m not really sure…

  4. Nope and nope! I’ll give you a hint: One is in North America, one is in Asia, and the last is in Oceania.

  5. gotta be mexico, the philippines, and oz. certainly way easier w/ the hints. are those right?

    then for the new track events from sydney 2000, i know for sure that the women’s hammer throw and the pole vault were debuted. i have no clue about the other one, though… steeplechase?

  6. Isn’t China up there? That’s my bet for the Asian country. I’m not even sure what countries are in Oceania. I’m ridiculously bad at Geography, which I completely blame on the US educational system (not the teachers, just the fact that I never had a geography class or a history class that covered much outside of the US).

  7. Mexico, Phillipines, and China. Congrats on the group effort!

    Hammerthrow and pole vault were correct. The other, though, was the 20km walk. (We guessed steeplechase too.)

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