The Snook and I in RomeRound-the-World Holiday Pictures
Unlike Max, I have very little restraint when it comes to taking pictures on vacation. In fact, I took almost 200 during our recent holiday! Lucky you, though; you only have to look at 160. The vacation pictures are here!

(Once again I must apologize for how crappy my camera is. It overcompensated for the extremely bright weather by making everything dark and washed-out. Trust me, everything was many times prettier than these pictures make out.)


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  1. Dayom, if you were at the Tower of London on a Friday then I was there too 🙁

    Entertaining my newphew led me there and I did think I should have left a post here with a message about how to contact you in the UK but when I though of the idea it was too late 🙁

    Oh well, I’ll catch up with you guys in Aussie sometime.

  2. heh. i’ve got practically the same set of snaps from venice, particularly the murano/burano shots. :o)

  3. 200, psshhhaw! On my recent trip I took almost 200 pictures just of Crater Lake! My philosophy was based on an assumption of a 1:50 good to bad picture ratio. Actually most of the pics came out well and now I have a lot of them that are very similar. I took about 500 pics overall. Thank you digital camera (plus iBook).

  4. Darn, Ferret! We must’ve walked right by you. We got there around noon and took a Beefeater tour. What time were you there?

    Kristen – Ah, but how much Murano glass did you buy? 🙂 I managed to appease my consumer impulse with a single bracelet.

    Dan – What kind of camera do you have? I’m really getting sick of mine and I wouldn’t mind finding one that works better with the Mac.

  5. I’ve got an Olympus C2040. I picked it because (at the time) it was rated best for print quality and it let you manually control stuff like aperture and f-stop, etc. It takes nice pics in snapshot mode tho so I use that 95% of the time. The camera works fine with Macs. Just plug it in (USB), turn it on and Image Capture pops up. (No iPhoto for me–too slow!) I am a fan of Olympus now, but the market has probably moved a lot since I bought my camera. At the time tho I was pretty confident I had bought the best overall 2 megapixel camera. I have also been happy with the hardiness of the camera. Mine was submerged in water (I fell into a creek) and it survived. That was right after i bought it, haha.

  6. i got a small necklace pendant and a keyring in murano, and a little lace butterfly in burano. i’m now brimming with crafty ideas as to what i can do with the lace butterfly, and kicking myself for not getting a few more!

  7. nice, except that there are only TWO pictures of your entire ten days in Indiana! you crazy ho! oh well. i only took a couple anyway. i’ll send them to you tomorrow if mom hasn’t already, and you can put them up. there’s some nice ones of the siblings…

  8. That’d be sweet, Aim. I think I’ve got the Chuck E. Cheese originals somewhere to scan in, so if I find ’em I’ll e-mail them to you.

  9. great photos kris! thoroughly enjoyed looking through them and it has made me pine for the next time i’ll be able to pack up and hit the roads in lands unknown!

  10. Oh no not the Chuck E. Cheese car photo, what was I thinking to let you talk me into that. The shame… am I gonna live that down . I can hear Aim laughing every time she looks at it.

  11. Great pix, Kris. I agree with your picture taking philosophy: why take a picture of something I could find better in a postcard; I’m only going to look at the ones that have people in them or are particularly interesting perspectives later.

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