What’s your blood type? Are you a B-negative? Leigh-Anne and I want you go donate some of that hemoglobinny goodness at your local Red Cross. We’re both gonna do it (if they’ll let us, that is).

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  1. You’re awesome — thanks!!

  2. what a coincidence—i tried donating today (O+) but got turned away on account of rediculously low iron. 🙁

  3. O+; just donated on Wednesday (crazy synchronicity going on here). I now wait to donate every other time I’m eligible (every 16 weeks), which works better for the low Fe (eating steak and tomatoes helped, too).

  4. Darn. Turns out the Bloodmobile isn’t hitting my area for a month, and they’re only here on weekdays. How ridiculously inconvenient for people who work that might like to donate…

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