I found two great Mac-related weblogs recently that I’ve become addicted to: splorp and Daring Fireball. Together with apple.slashdot I’ve got all the Apple news I can handle. (Hopefully it’ll be enough to carry me through my upcoming bout of iBook deprivation as I send Boudicca in to be serviced.)

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  1. Dude, I think my iBook battery is done for. 45 minute battery life. But I have been noticing a lot of thrashing, more than usual. I think 10.2.6 could be at fault.

  2. I don’t think I get a lot longer than 45 minutes myself, Dan. I’ve never timed it though. Luckily I rarely use mine without power so it isn’t too big of a problem. There were a lot of threads about the battery problems in the Apple support area though which might have options for you. (Do you have Apple Care? I don’t and I’m out of warranty. Poodoo.)

  3. I haven’t noticed my battery, as I keep my iBook plugged in almost all the time. The problem I’m having is the bit that you plug into the wall is flashing red instead of staying a nice, steady green. I think it’s a bad connector or cable or something, but eventually it’s not going to work anymore, and I won’t be able to use my computer all all. I suppose I should send off the iBook to get it fixed since I spent the extra money to buy Apple Care.

    I’m worried about Apple sometimes, lately. It seems they’re subjecting their loyal fanbase to a lot of hare-brained crap.

  4. I had power cord trouble. I was trying to unplug it once and the little silver bit you grab came loose and kinda slid down the cord. I pushed it back on and managed to unplug it via the cord, but I somehow managed to actually break one of the little wires in there. If you even touched the cord after that the power light would blink off. The Snook took a look at it though and decided that he could fix it. So he soldered the little wire back together and then superglued the silver casing back on. Now it works fine again but I’m very careful with it. So check that out, because you or your hubby might be able to fix it. Of course, if you’ve got Apple Care, send it in as soon as you can spare it. I’ve heard about people sending them in for little fixes and getting back practically all new computers: new monitors, new hard drives, etc. One guy on slashdot even claimed that he sent his in to have the Combo Drive repaired and it came back with a Super Drive!

  5. I always use my iBook free-range. It has a little spot on the bookshelf where I recharge it. Maybe the battery can be zapped back to life. I still suspect 10.2.6 tho. It just has a guilty air about it.

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