How stressed are you? According to this test, my level is only at 21% (which apparently equates to “lazy and retarded”). I actually think I’m way more stressed than that; I just don’t have many of the usual external manifestations. I drink, but not heavily, and I don’t smoke anything. Now if they asked about chronic shoulder pain or inability to sleep, my percentage would have shot up a lot. (For the record, the Snook scored even lower: 13%. Maybe it’s because we just got back from vacation.)


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  1. 17%, but my recent bout of hair loss seems to indicate otherwise. My hair is abandoning me at an alarming rate – sure it doesn’t LOOK thin (yet), but it’s definitely decreasing in mass. :o(

  2. Really? Are you cold all the time? Losing hair can be a symptom of being hypothyroid…

  3. 17% and my hair is ramping up to be completely white by the time i’m 40. i also tend to lose a lot of hair, but then my hair’s always been ultra-thick…

  4. This was funny: “You exhibit a stress percentage of 9% which barely registers. Get a job. Your Stress Test answers indicate that to reduce your stress level even further you should eliminate at least one of the following from your life immediately: consciousness.” I just got back from a vacation too. I do worry about the future, but I try not to think about it.

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