Trivia Update: Fourth place, then third, and now – inevitably – second. We lost on a tiebreak. My own personal highlight was knowing the names of the actors who played Bill and Ted. Other memorable questions included the nine European capitals that have hosted the Summer Olympics, the name of the spellbook on Charmed, and the medical name of the four bones fused at the bottom of your spine. Can you get any of them?


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  1. Oy, tough! Have you guys printed/memorized an historical Olympic host cities list? That seems to come up just about every week.
    Our pub has similar themes that come up all the time (i.e. those oval car country-stickers.) Our idea was to have each person be an ‘expert’ in an area, studying up a bit prior to each competition. This never got us better than 2nd place, though, and winning by coming in ‘cold’ makes you that much cooler. Our team is currently on hiatus but we’re hoping to start up again in the autumn.

  2. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter(s)? Definitely coccyx.

  3. love the olympics ones! athens, paris, stockholm, amsterdam, berlin, london, helsinki, rome, AND …???? ok, this is killing me! maybe i need to freshen up on my capitals, b/c i know all of the olympics cities… last i checked, antwerp was not the capital of belgium. maybe it was then?? hmmmmm…….

  4. The last one is tricky. It depends on where you draw the boundaries for Europe…

    No, we haven’t memorized them yet, but we should. We always get them. We generally get about 80% right.

    That was right on coccyx, and right on Bill and Ted! I pulled “Alex Winter” out of my ass on that one. 🙂

  5. oh kris, every time you post trivia questions it makes me out to be so sad arse – but the spellbook in charmed is the book of shadows. hanging my head in shame now.

  6. Hee! That’s the best part of trivia – making fun of the random things your friends have in their heads. I’ll never forget when the Snook identified the Beverly Hills 90210 theme after only two seconds…

  7. It’s ok Robert. I answered that one. My team’s collective look of disgust I’ll carry to my grave…

  8. umm, The Book of Shadows…that’s the only one I can think of.

  9. Amy – you’re totally going to have to join us one of these times, you realize. I have a feeling that between the two of us, we have a complete encyclopedic knowledge of all American crap pop culture for the past twenty-five years. 🙂

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