Friday Annoyances:

  • Some misguided fool at my office thought it was a great idea to designate Fridays “No Lift Day”. This means that the elevator is turned off and we’re all supposed to use the stairs. (As expected, all of us on the second floor* are grumbling, while those damn lucky ground dwellers don’t mind at all.) This policy is supposedly designed to “make us healthier” and “save the environment”. I think it’s because they’re “cheap bastards.”
  • Further evidence for the cheap bastard theory: It’s frickin’ freezing in here, Mr. Bigglesworth. Is the lack of central heating also due to health and environmental concerns? I think not.
  • I have nothing to do.
  • Some stupid big power outage in New York has knocked out half the sites I normally read, so I really have nothing to do.
  • The clowns got eliminated. 🙁

* In US terms, we’re on the third floor, and this damn office has high ceilings. Just wanted to explain that lest you think I’m unduly complaining here.

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  1. In America – “Land of Litigation” – I’m sure someone would sue based on discrimination to the handicap.

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