Me: “Holy crap, Snookums! Thylacines (Tasmanian tigers) have been spotted in parkland not far from Melbourne’s CBD!”
Him: “Aww, somebody probably just painted stripes on their dog.”

All joking aside, that’s pretty friggin’ cool. The thing’s supposedly been extinct on the mainland for over 2000 years, and now they’ve suddenly got credible evidence that it might still be around! This country is pretty amazing.


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  1. Yay! This Tassie Tiger thing has been going on for years! My uncle has a farm about 2 hours out of Melbourne and one of his workers *swears* he’s seen the things creeping around. It’s pretty unlikely, but I wanna believe (kind of like how I want to believe John Edward, heh).

  2. do they ever publish articles on drop bears or hoop snakes?

  3. i, like mulder, want to believe.
    i have always held a fascination for the humble thylacine – i truly think the film of the last known tiger pacing its cage in the hobart zoo is some of the most poignant ever taken. i would like to think of survivors living in some patch of undisturbed tasmanian wilderness…..

  4. I read somewhere that scientists are working on cloning one from the cells of that last known specimen. I guess it’s better than having them gone forever! Bring back the dodo too, I say. 🙂

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