I just found out that a Fernwood Fitness Centre will be opening up at the Broadway, which is relatively close to our new apartment. These are a chain of “women only” gyms and they look pretty neat. My first impulse was to sell off my existing gym membership and join Fernwood. Upon reflection though, I don’t think I need to. I can’t honestly say that the men at my gym bother me at all. I don’t feel uncomfortably ogled or intimidated. I wonder how much of that has to do with my burgeoning self-confidence (courtesy of weight loss and better fitness) and how much has to do with the fact that the men at my gym are predominantly gay. 🙂

Do you think segregated gyms are a good idea? I can see where some people might be more comfortable with that, but it sounds a little ridiculous. Like, are “men only” gyms then okay? The only good reason for them, as I see it, are in places where the big bodybuilding guys feel like they have a right to the equipment and little girls don’t. Maybe I’m just lucky that my gym isn’t really one of those places.


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  1. I belong to a “women only” gym, and I like it a great deal. The women there act more relaxed, and are there to get fit and have a good time. I’ve been to gyms where cute girls in cute little spandex outfits bounce around, flirting with all the beefcakes. Blah. There’s none of that nonsense at my women-only gym. But if you like your current gym, stick with it. I’m just Low Self-Esteem Woman.

  2. I personally like co-ed gyms, but that’s my taste. I’m also a guy. If girls or boys wish to ogle me when I work out then good for them! Maybe they will have good tips for me. If some women want a more low-key environment, I can understand that, tho. However, I am suspect of certian women-only gyms popping up which seem kind of subpar. They’re not really gyms, they’re basically marketing gimmicks. I definitely prefer big gyms with all kinds of real equipment. If there’s not at least 20 ways to work any given muscle, then the gym is no good.

  3. See, I don’t like the gyms with lots and lots of equipment. I spend all my time trying to figure out how to use a particular machine and wondering what advantage it offers over any of the rest. I need the decision made for me. 🙂

    At any rate, it looks like I’m going to be staying with my current one. I’m not that happy about it though; they’re making it a complete bitch to transfer to the other location. I’ll have to cough up $100 to upgrade to a “Gold” membership for that privilege. I just found out though that my membership is so cheap (compared to what my co-workers pay) that I’d be insane to go anywhere else, even with the upgrade fee.

  4. I can’t hurt to try to negotiate, though. You could mention how much you’d always wanted to join a female-only gym. 🙂

  5. carolyn University of MB

    March 3, 2004 — 3:28 am

    I am doing a project on the thoughts of not only woman only gym’s but on all clubs that allow only men or women to join. Please reply as to what you think about the gym situation.

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