In Australia you can say the F-word on television. (Well, after 8:30 anyway.) In fact, you can pretty much say anything you want. For instance, we get uncensored episodes of Sex and the City and The Sopranos on normal free-to-air stations, and Aussie Big Brother even has a special “Uncut” episode each week where they show all the boobies and curse words. I sorta assumed that it’s always been this way, but instead it turns out that 1997 was the year when everything loosened up. Why? Four Weddings and a Funeral. Ha!


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  1. I wouldn’t mind so much about the censoring (sp?) of ‘bad’ language on singaporean television if they didn’t make such a botch of the dubbing. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s being said on ‘Six Feet Under’ because all the swear words are mangled to protect our innocent ears.

  2. dang—thought i could close the tags on my own.

  3. I think you did! 🙂

    I’ll go in and straighten everything up though…

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